Interview with the men from Seducing Their Princess

I'm here with the men from Michelle Hughes new book, Seducing Their Princess, which is available on pre-order here the book goes live May 2, 2018.  They've asked that their real identities remain secret to keep their princess safe.  For the purpose of this interview we'll use the names listed in the book.

Toc:  What was your initial reaction when Michelle asked to use your story to write a romance book?

Gage:  I thought it was a good thing she was a female because I was raised to always respect women.

Jackston:  Pay no attention to him, he's grumpy before his first cup of coffee.  We have never hidden our lifestyle, but the thought of it going public was a little concerning.  Brooke is ours to protect, so our biggest concern was for her well being.

Theo:  We don't share.  Except with each other, so the thought of anyone reading this interview and wanting our princess made the idea a no for me.  Brooke encouraged us to tell our story though, and none of us can deny her what she wants.

Alec:  My first concern is always Brooke.  She wanted our story told and I decided to give into that request.

Toc:  A reverse harem type of relationship.  How is it possible to share one women and not let jealousy get in the way?

Alec:  We are confident men that don't need to have our hands held.  Each of us bring something different to this relationship.  Brooke is an amazing woman that has enough love in her heart for all of us.  It's very rare to find a princess like her that can open her heart and soul in that way.

Theo:  I'll admit I'm very selfish, and my ego is a little overwhelming at times.  When it comes to our family, and that's what we are, a family, we all give and take equally.

Gage:  I'm going to agree with Alec on this one.  We aren't like some of those sniveling whiners you see out there today that wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Real men take control and don't get jealous.  They show their woman what they can do for her.

Jackston.  As long as Brooke's happy nothing else matters.  It's our job to make sure that she gets everything she wants and needs from this relationship.  We're asking a lot from her so we try to give more than we receive.

Toc:  You guys served together as special ops in the service prior to building your own security firm.  Do you worry that your past will come back and make life dangerous for those you love?

Theo:  That's how we met Brooke so I'm thankful that we had the ability to protect her when her life was endangered.  As far as worrying about her safety?  Look at us.  Do you think we'd allow anyone to hurt what we love?

Jackston:  Of course we were concerned about that in the beginning.  Keeping her safe is also part of our job.  She will always be where we can watch out for her, and if anyone dares crossing a line, we'll make sure they aren't around to try it again.

Alec:  I knew there was some fight left in you, Jackston.  He's right.  Any threat that comes up against our princess won't be handled lightly.  She is our family and anyone stupid enough to challenge that will find out why we are so good at our jobs.

Gage:  Let's some F*cker try.  Come at me bro, I'm always ready to deliver a world of hurt to anyone that thinks they come between the woman I love!

Toc:  I think a person would have to be crazy to challenge any of you.  Let's change directions for a minute.  What do you say to the people that think your relationship is immoral?

Alec:  I'd say you don't have to live it.  My biggest concern for Brooke is that people would think she was a whore for accepting our love. I'll be honest and say I fought against this relationship in the beginning because of that.  She's one of the sweetest women I know, and there is nothing immoral about her.  The fact that she chose our love over the standards of the world make her even more precious to me.

Theo:  If anyone ever told Brooke that I'd hand their ass to them.  We have a love that most people will never be able to have, and if they can't understand that, it's their problem not ours.

Jackston:  I'd tell them to sweep in front of their own door before judging us.  We love Brooke, and will do whatever she needs to keep her happy.  This about commitment.  Each of us would gladly lay our life down to make sure she's safe, so if that's immoral I'm not sure I want to live in a world that is against that.

Gage:  Screw people and their ideas of what's right or wrong.  We have each other and any person that tries to come in between that can answer to my fists.

The guys were called for a special assignment during our interview and had to cut things short.  I had dozens of questions left unanswered, but I hope we can get together with them again in the future to delve further into this unconventional relationship.  If you'd like to read their story, I'm living the links below.

Four sexy men and one princess that steals their hearts. What's a girl to do?

Stranded on a deserted island, it’s either the start of a bad romance or every woman’s fantasy. The sexiest men I’ve ever met want me in their bed. I’ve heard of a harem before, but being part of a reverse one? Maybe this is the reason I’ve waited so long to discover what everyone is talking about.

I’m your average book nerd, who also happens to be a polyglot. I can speak eight languages but when it comes to romance, I’m clueless. After overhearing a conversation most people wouldn’t understand, a foreign terrorist group endangers my life. Big brother comes to the rescue and calls in his former black-op friends to protect my body. One look at these mouth watering hunks, and my virtue is the last thing I want them guarding. I’ve always considered myself a good girl, but for the first time in my life I want to be very bad. Would it be terribly wrong to give into my hearts desire and enjoy a fantasy that most women can only dream about?